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From Memorial Table | To Memorial Album

One of the essentials to any funeral service is the Memorial Table (also known as the remembrance table). These special items can be anything your heart desires, such as flowers, photos, awards, clothing or favorite items that belonged to the deceased. Designing and setting up a memorial table is a healing experience for the living. These tables are a beautiful reflection of your loved one and can be displayed in any way that fits the personality of who you are honoring. The items on display help visitors tell stories about the departed, share what they loved and help to express how much they meant to their friends and family.

I snagged the photo above of my father-in-law's memorial table before the service. It really represented his passions in his life. We included framed photos, hats, his boots, favorite beer, Tabasco sauce and many more items

What happens to the items afterwards?

What happens to those mementos? What happens to those big boards of photos? Oftentimes they are packed away and stored. There are many ways we honor our deceased loved ones. But one way is by creating a photo album of their life. By taking the mementos and photographs of their life, you can capture their story in a unique way. A place for family and friends to visit for years to come. Memorial albums are perfect for honoring those who are no longer with us and even for those who want to leave behind their own unique story or those celebrating amazing milestones in their lives.

A few years after my father-in-law passed away, I obtained oodles of photos and had them professionally scanned by Legacy Box and then I artfully displayed the photos in a beautiful hard bound, 8x8 album with a custom cover design. Shown below.

He was an avid hunter and fisherman. It was important to showcase those interests with decorative backgrounds that enhance his photos. My favorite picture of my father-in-law is what I call a "legacy photo" (or the one photo that fully captures the person's true essence.) The last photo shown in the gallery above, shows exactly how I visualize him. In a boat with a cigar, out on a lake fishing.

I started Shoebox Albums in hopes to celebrate life's important events. While I still believe in those events, my focus has shifted to the mourning and loss that we all face. From the loss of a dear loved one to the loss of a furry companion, death is one of life's most tragic and equally beautiful events that we, as humans must accept. Everyone has a story. And we all have photos just saved on a cloud or stuffed a way in an old shoebox. The celebration of life doesn't end after the funeral. These albums can be a sacred place for you to visit, reminisce and look back fondly at an extraordinary life.

All the best to you,

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