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We accept a number of options when it comes to photo sharing.

Before sending us every photo you have ever taken, we recommend separating
all images you would like us to use into its own album then sharing that album with us.

All links below can be sent to this email:

Google Drive
 I will set up your own personal folder, complete with a shareable link.
Please contact us about this option.

Easily transfer up to 2GB of images

Dropbox Basic will allow you to share up to 2GB 


Amazon Photos

Google Photos

Shutterfly (image sharing)

Analog Route: USB Drive, CD, Hard Copy Photos (contact us for scanning services) Please contact us directly for a mailing address and instructions.

TIP: Please organize your photos in the order in which you would like to see them (numbering them in the name, etc.) Most of the time we can sort them based on date/time and design from that point. But, if you have a preference, numbering them will help move the process along quicker.

Including memorabilia
Please let us know if you have any memorabilia you were hoping to include such as invitations, menus, programs, receipts, postcards, etc. We will build the book to accommodate these items (pasted in after printing). If you have the original and don't want it pasted in your final album, simply let us know and we can scan the item for you.

Captions, lyrics, quotes

Do you have quotes or a favorite poem or song? Email them to us and we will include snippets of or feature them in your album.


Additional graphics/artwork

If you have any digital artwork, logos, backgrounds or special fonts you would like us to use, please provide those with your images so we can add those treatments throughout your album.

Custom cover designs

 If you have a specific idea or images in mind, please let us know.
By selecting the custom cover option, you will receive 3 cover designs to choose from.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you need further instructions or if you have any questions. 

And finally, see our privacy policy for any concerns.

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