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Legacy albums/memorial albums are perfect for honoring those who are no longer with us, those who want to leave behind their own unique story or those celebrating amazing milestones in their lives. We will work closely together on the style guide, font selections and graphic elements. Help tell the story as it was meant to be told by including scans of important documents, memorabilia or include special copy to enhance the photos. Don't let those big-photo boards from the funeral collect dust, turn them into a beautiful album to celebrate the love and life of your dearly departed.

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Pet memorial albums are perfect for those special companions after they cross the rainbow bridge. It can be devastating to lose a pet, no matter how long they were in your life. These albums are a keepsake to honor your pet's life and to share with friends and family. Do you have stories and comments from your social media about your pet? Add those stories and captions throughout your album for an added touch.


Relive your special day with a custom designed wedding album. We will carefully curate your album design by carefully selecting the very best photos.  Do you have your favorite song? Add lyrics, poems, readings even scans of napkins, invitations, etc. Or, order a keepsake pocket to be placed inside your album to store unique mementos from your day.  


These albums are great to document those once-in-a-lifetime trips. Relive the days of being able to travel, worry-free, from a pandemic by customizing your very own vacation album. If you kept postcards, receipts or other flat items, we can easily include them into the album for a special touch. Or request a keepsake pocket to be included in your album.